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 Welcome To My World!

My name is Jade Wilson & I've loved fashion since I young.

 Growing up i wanted to become a model. Like Tyra Banks.

 I've always had a nack for fashion. I've always loved mixing and matching pieces to create a vibe. 

In 2015 I became a fashion brand ambassador. 

For two years i learned everything i could. I was a sponge soaking up all the knowledge.  Then my mother lost her battle with cancer in 2017. 

My way of coping was fashion.  I've always wanted my "sisters" to feel beautiful not only in her skin, but also in the clothing she wears. 

Our boutique was created to show women you do not have to bare it all to be sexy. We give you the tools to feel confident in your skin.  

From there , we are proud to say we've reached alot of beautiful ladies around the world.

Browse around on the website & see some of the different varieties we have to offer.

I believe we have just want you need.


We are working towards improving & always on the lookout for trendy, affordable pieces.


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